Growth Hacker

I am your partner in the digital world.

I move business of my clients forward
with the use of marketing and technologies.

Why me

First the intern, now google certified partner and own business.


During my professional career, I have worked in several agencies and companies.
I’ve solved projects for international clients such as Invia, Mall, Kiwi, Škoda, EmClient, and more.
I have been working as a freelancer in the marketing and development of projects for small and medium companies for over 6 years. At the same time, I have helped build several projects in which I have a share.

One step ahead

You do not have to worry with me that you will miss a train. I follow the latest trends in business, marketing and technology  on a global scale.

The numbers do not lie

I am not an online charlatan. All decisions are transparent and based on data and research.

Own business

I have historically worked in successful and less succesful business projects. I am a businessman with heart and soul.

Agency work

References and projects

Satisfied client in the first place

The fact that I do my job well is reflected in the satisfaction of my clients.  The positive reference is a sign of well done job for me.

Own projects

If you are interested in projects I am currentyl active in do not hesitate to push the button below and preview them. If you are interested in any of projects I will be glad to anwer your questions.

How do I reach the results

To improve the business resultes I use the following products:

Google Marketing Platform

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